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Hunt Spring Geese in Missouri with Prairie Wings Outfitters
HUNT Spring Snow GEESE in Missouri

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 Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Listed below are some links to waterfowl and hunting related resources that you might find useful.

Prairie Wings Outfitters & Lodge - Snow Goose Guides, Canada Goose Hunting, Waterfowl outfitters for Michigan & Missouri. Snow Goose, Speckle Belly Goose, Duck and other waterfowl hunting Spring hunts, fall hunts, late season goose hunting  Michigan & Missouri. A member community dedicated to the North American waterfowler.

BulletCam - Catch your next hunt on video with a waterproof head mount video camera that is as small as a your shotgun shell. High quality video and audio cameras can mount virtually anywhere to capture your hunting action.

Camovision - Camouflage Glasses for use in virtually any hunting condition. Do not let them see the whites of your eyes! Home of the serious waterfowler. What you need, when you need it.

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