Boat Package
Everything you need to camo your 14ft - 16ft boat.

Save $$$ with our new Boat Package, only $180.00 and includes Free Shipping!

Kit includes:
4 sheets of 5 x 8
2 sheets of 4 x 5

40 linear ft total!

Dealers, Duck Clubs, Guides & Outfitters
We have a program to fit every retailer's needs, from full containers to single pallets.

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Common Questions

How many seasons will my Quack Grass last?
It completely depends on the care and storage conditions the product receives. Mold and moisture are the key determining factors. Keeping the product dry will prevent it it from molding or rotting, therefore keeping it usable for the next year. If the product is kept out of the way where it won't get bumped or broken, then it will also help keep it structurally intact and usable again next season. Properly maintained Quack Grass should last 2 - 4 seasons, depending on usage and conditions.

How does Quack Grass compare to other grass products?
Because almost all of the "grass" products are made from the same material (dried palm leaves), it basically comes down to quality and design. Our products are made from the best materials available, but it's the design that really makes the difference. Durability, functionality, and its visible accuracy are what make Quack Grass a superior product. Our weave is the key ingredient. It makes the sheets of grass very strong while still allowing them to be cut and resized without fraying at the cut. Because the weave allows for flexibility in both size and shape, it can be used for a wide range of installation, virtually limitless. And our weave adds a visible depth to the product, making it look more realistic and natural.

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