Boat Package
Everything you need to camo your 14ft - 16ft boat.

Save $$$ with our new Boat Package, only $180.00 and includes Free Shipping!

Kit includes:
4 sheets of 5 x 8
2 sheets of 4 x 5

40 linear ft total!

Dealers, Duck Clubs, Guides & Outfitters
We have a program to fit every retailer's needs, from full containers to single pallets.

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Quack Grass is designed by Prairie Wings Outfitters. At Prairie Wings Outfitters, we don't just sell blind products, we design them the way we think they should be used. We demand that they be built with quality materials, and be built to withstand the demands of repeated use, not just shipping and shelving requirements

We have been involved in the hunting industry for several years and are continually providing new hunting products to the waterfowl hunting market. We are located in Southwest Michigan and run our own Guided Goose, Duck and other waterfowl hunts here in the mid-west and even Iceland! Contact us about our exciting Puffin Hunts!

Be sure to bookmark and visit this site throughout the hunting season each year as we continue to add new products and hunting information. Send us your photos of your boat, blind or other hunting contraption that uses Quack Grass and have it featured on this site! 

We look forward to seeing you (or not being able to see you) on the water or the corn stubble fields enjoying our products! Good luck to all of you this hunting season!


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