Boat Package
Everything you need to camo your 14ft - 16ft boat.

Save $$$ with our new Boat Package, only $180.00 and includes Free Shipping!

Kit includes:
4 sheets of 5 x 8
2 sheets of 4 x 5

40 linear ft total!

Dealers, Duck Clubs, Guides & Outfitters
We have a program to fit every retailer's needs, from full containers to single pallets.

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Quack Grass is not only for your hunting blind! Many people are finding new and exciting uses for Quack Grass that go beyond the hunting grounds. One of the most popular uses that we have seen is the use of Quack Grass in Interior and Exterior designs for homes and places of business.

Bars & Mini Bars -
Many people have discovered that by simply applying a Quack Grass skirt around their bar or mini bar, will give it a unique tropical look and feel. This in conjunction with our Grass umbrellas really makes your dinning or drinking area have that "Beach Resort" ambience. 

Displays and Tables - 
Some stores love using Quack Grass to dress up their display cases and display tables to showcase summer products. Since Quack Grass is so durable, it can withstand the abuse of being bumped, bent and kicked by customer traffic.

Booths & Stands - 
Quack Grass can be used to help your display booth or stand at shows have a Waterfowl, Fishing, Hunting, or even Tropical look. Use it to frame your company sign and stand at your next show. Strong enough to endure the constant packing and unpacking when going show to show.

Theatre - 
Quack grass is ideal for school plays where you want to convey a tropical or wetlands look. It also can be painted any color to create some really wild and even authentic looking backdrops.

Let us know your innovative uses for Quack Grass!

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